In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic leading to the closure of educational institutions across the globe, most undergraduate scholarships in the region have returned home. However, the closure of the universities and colleges have not led to a complete stand still of their learning process as the students are engaged in various learning modes through e-learning platforms. In order to facilitate that the students complete their study within the scheduled course duration, different universities in different countries have adopted different strategies.  While some have done away with the semester/term end examinations and the result are going to be arrived at by extrapolating pro-rata the performance of students in the continuous/internal assessment, some have devised other strategies of assessments including the arrangement for the conduct of examinations. In tandem with the mandate of providing support service to the students studying abroad, the Scholarship and Student Support Division of the Department of Adult and Higher Education has facilitated to conduct the MBBS examinations of two final year students from Sri Lanka currently in Bhutan whose theory examinations are scheduled from 15th to 22nd June 2020. The clinical for surgery- Practical examinations will be conducted at KGUMSB on 25th June 2020.

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NIRF 2020:

The National Institutional Ranking Framework which outlines methodologies to rank the institutions across India for 2020 was released on 11th June. The ranking of universities and colleges in India for 2020 in various ranking categories can be found at www.nirfindia.org